Flood Suggestions

For those people who are going to be removing flooded or wet items caused by the flood or backup of water…be very careful!

Understand that it is not just muddy water that you are dealing with. There is a lot of bacteria and other things in the water.

Remember; septic systems have overflowed, garbage has been washed away, vehicles have been submerged. Potentials of; E coli, salmonella, Staph a., Tetanus, MRSA, Benzene, VOC’s, petroleum, PCB’s (just to name a few) could be in the water and could make you VERY ill.

Make sure you are wearing rubber boots and Nitrile gloves. Wash with soap and water or take a shower when you are done.

Protect yourself and your family. You can track this though areas that was not affected in your home or other places.