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Network Membership: The ECAN Network focuses on aiding and assisting building (home) inspectors and general contractors specializing in environmental assessments, mitigation, abatement, and remediation services throughout their working career. The Network provides access to training in three different formats; seminars, home studies, and online training. The Network’s website for members provides access to equipment, supplies and training purchases on-line. Network members also have access to ECAN published protocols, forms, and text book procedures to use in accomplishing the daily work of a home inspector or environmental contractor. General Liability and Errors and Omission insurance is available to members based on their credentials, training, and use of ECAN’s protocols. The public directory Find a Professional provides a great referral source for prospective customers to locate a particular Inspector for their specific needs and location. Network members can sell services such as Mold Assessment Reports and Phase One Environmental Site Assessment Reports utilizing ECAN’s report writing division. In the near term ECAN, LLC has plans to establish local chapters enabling the Network Membership to interact at the local level and collaborate on business development.


Training: ECAN’s primary mission is to teach and develop its network members’ skills, abilities, and knowledge of the building (home) inspection field, general contractors specializing in environmental assessments, mitigation, abatement, and remediation services, and related subjects. The focus and goal of the training is to improve the network members’ capabilities, capacity, productivity, and performance, thus enabling the member to make a living and obtain a better quality of life not only for them, but their clients as well. The scope of the training platform will cover subject matter from the apprentice to the master in the home inspection field. The trade requires the comprehension of science and applied methods that are part of industry’s best practice. These trade requirements are made simpler by ECAN’s published protocols that are available only to network members. Our professional training is offered in three methods; online, home study, and live seminars around the country. We have developed a successful course delivery method to fit your schedule.


Professional Report Writing Services: ECAN has an established Report Writing Division that prepares Mold Assessment Reports, Phase One Environmental Site Assessment Reports, Indoor Air Quality Reports, and Government Housing Rehabilitation Program Reports. Other reports will be added as the need arises. The Report Writing Division provides a tool to the Network Membership enabling them to directly sell the report services in their daily business development and sales efforts without having to perform the actual time exhaustive paperwork. Also, ECAN will establish regional contracts and engage the Network Members in the field site inspection and assessment portion of the report writing process. Over time, this will create a steady stream of contract work for the Network Membership.


Equipment: ECAN has established agreements with many equipment providers so we may provide you with the best, most cost-effective equipment on the market. Whether it is start-up kits for IAQ assessments, to Radon testing devices, to abatement/remediation equipment, ECAN will be able to help you attain the equipment you need. Not sure what equipment is needed…ECAN’s customer support can help guide you in your purchasing options.


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In response to the current events and closures in our country and around the world, ECAN has taken all necessary steps in-case the State orders a shutdown of our physical office or an area quarantine is issued.

ECAN will be able to operate remotely due to the immediate steps we have taken and secured to ensure potential clients, existing clients and members, as well as live webinar and online courses, WILL NOT be affected.

We understand that times are tough during these times of uncertainty and we would like to offer some relief by remaining operational to help in any way we can. ECAN will remain operational via phone, email, and social media during our normal hours of operation to help clients or members in need of support.

-The ECAN Team