Online Radon Measurement Technician Course - 16 Hour Initial


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Are you ready to add the #1 requested environmental service in a real estate transaction to your professional repertoire? The 16-hour Initial Radon Measurement Technician course will teach individuals the methods that are used in radon testing for real estate, commercial, multifamily purposes and individual homeowner tests. In addition, our course will explore how and where to market your new professional service as well as the best way to explain to your client the next steps to take after the initial radon test results.

Approvals: AARST-NRPP# ECAN-3, CA, CT, IA, IN, KS, ME, NJ, MN, NE, PA, VA, WV and other States that recognize AARST-NRPP (Not approved for FL must be live)

Time: Self-paced
Location: PC, iPad, Tablet,

By taking our class, look at all there is to learn:

  • Radon Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Radon
  • Source of Radon
  • Health Risk
  • History
  • EPA Guides
  • Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA)
  • National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP)
  • Basic Radon Entry Facts
  • Mechanisms of Radon Entry
  • Indoor Radon Concentrations
  • Illinois Measurement Protocols
  • Illinois Sampling Methods
  • General Measurement Conditions
  • Illinois Device Locations
  • Measurement Factors
  • Radon Gas Monitors
  • Time Integrated Devices
  • Radon Grab Samples
  • Continuous Radon Monitors
  • Quality Assurance and Control
  • Radon Tables
  • General Radon Mitigation Principals


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