Pump Calibration

What is a High Volume Air Sampling Pump Calibration?

The purpose of performing an air sampling pump calibration is to determine if your high volume air sampling pump with the attached secondary calibration device (rotometer) is operating correctly. At the end of the calibration a report is generated which is returned with the air sampling pump stating the success or failed areas of the calibration(s) performed.

In most cases we are able to re-calibrate the secondary calibration device.

Who should have a High Volume Air Sampling Pump Calibration?

Any entity that is performing air sampling for mold, lead, or asbestos using a high volume air pump.

What is performed in a High Volume Air Sampling Pump Calibration?

The air sampling pump calibration consists of a visual inspection of the air sampling pump, secondary calibration device, and tubing (if supplied). The high volume air sampling pump attached with your secondary calibration device will be verified for calibration at 5 Lpm, 15 Lpm, and 28.3 Lpm. If you have specific requirements when can check those settings as well.

Each calibration setting performed will be tested a minimum of ten (10) times, with the average of those times reported. It is important to note, some air sampling pumps may not achieve the actual Lpm and will be identified in the Calibration Report. We follow the guidance of Bios DryCal Technologies.

However, we do not check the electrical connections, supply, or any internal components of the device(s). We do not connect any secondary calibration devices other than what is supplied by the Client. We do recommend the use of an independent third party for those repairs.

Contact us for the specific details.