NJ Online 4 Hour Continuing Education Course: RRNC


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NRPP Approval #ECAN-503

New Jersey Approved: Online Radon Resistant New Construction 4 Hour CEU Course

This 4 hour online continued education course will cover the understanding of methods that are used in radon-resistant new construction. The course also covers the ANSI-AARST standards on Radon Resistant New Construction and what is required by different states. This course comes with a test, which must be completed to obtain your RRNC CEU’s certificate.

The design of this course is to give a radon professional or contractor an understanding concerning the installation of passive radon reduction systems during the construction phase of a home.  It is not intended for use as a course for licensing or certifying of a radon mitigator, nor radon measurement provider.

Building codes in different states

“Building codes are the key policies that determine how homes and other buildings are designed and constructed. In some states, the state legislature, an executive branch agency, or an appointed board decide what’s in the building code for the entire state. In other states, local entities (counties, cities, towns, etc.) traditionally decide what’s in the building code. Nine states (CT, IL, MA, MD, MI, MN, NJ, OR, WA) require radon-resistant construction methods. Since homes with high radon have been found in every zone, IL and MN protect homes in all areas; other states only require RRNC in homes in Zone 1 counties. Four states (IL, MN, NJ, WA) cover all types of homes; four states (CT, MA, MD, MI) limit protection to one and two-family homes and townhouses; one state (OR) covers the same plus apartments” (AARST-NRPP)

How do online courses work?

Upon purchase of this course, you will receive an email with your receipt as well as an email with your username and password. Using these credentials, you will log into the learning management portal using the link provided in the email or the button on our home page (at the top) labeled Online Course Login. Once you log in you should be registered for your course. Here you will go through the course modules and complete the quiz so you can receive your certificate of completion. Please let us know once you receive a 70% or higher on the quiz so we know you have completed the course and need your certificate sent out. All certificates are sent out the same business day we are notified about your completion.

What you need:

A laptop, desktop, tablet, or your personal cellular device to access the course.

Advanced Certification

Advanced Certification of RRNC is available to all who complete this course and wish to receive an Advanced Certificate as opposed to an online 4 CEU Certificate. To do this, you must purchase and pass the Advanced Certification Exam.

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