Mold Assessor Turnkey Business Package


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Mold Assessment Business Package | Turnkey Business Opportunity

Take advantage of this opportunity to start your mold assessment business today!

We are now offering a package deal that would allow you to start your mold assessment business or even add a new service to your existing inspections business. This package deal includes everything you need to get started while also including free samples that will allow you to get your money back and start profiting from the start.

So what is included in this package?

  • Online Training (At your own pace): Certified Mold Assessor Technician
  • Air-Pro Mold Pump Kit

Pump Kit Features:

  • 6 Air Cassettes
  • 6 swabs
  • 12 Lab Analysis
  • Tripod
  • Hard carrying case
  • Lifetime warranty on the pump
  • Switch for 5 Lpm or 10 Lpm
  • Self-calibrating
  • USB charging port for devices


AirPro Mold Kit Example

Online Training: Certified Mold Assessment Technician

This course covers everything necessary to get your mold assessment business started with the best field and business practices. Upon completion of this course, the mold assessor technician will have a complete understanding of mold history/species, how to identify the conditions that promote mold growth and water intrusion, and how to collect samples using the different types of equipment covered. You will learn the steps to develop a concrete protocol that will take into account all the factors that allowed mold to grow in a home or commercial building. Using the equipment covered in this course you will then collect samples which will then be analyzed by a qualified laboratory to determine the types and amount of mold in a home or building. Based on what you find on each site, you will be able to develop a data-driven report that will use to give your client a clear explanation for the mold growth. Our course will also explore how and where to market your new professional service and explain to your client the next steps to take after the consultation. If you wish to know more about our online training class go here!

How will this kit help me get my money back?

The national average price for a mold assessment job is $125. This kit contains 12 sampling devices and 12 Lab Analyses for free which in turn will allow you to get your business started as soon as you get the training. If you charged $125 per sample, the revenue is $1500 on a package deal for $790 which leaves you with a $710 potential profit.

Note: This course is not approved for the state of Florida, New York, or Texas.

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