ECAN Services For Members

ECAN Services for the Membership

We are not just a training organization. Are you aware of ECAN’s services for members?
 Witting Mold Remediation Protocols for you– The ECAN team has years of experience in;
 Insurance – catastrophic loss / hurricane
 Large hotels – ranging over 25 floors, 450+ rooms
 Condominiums – individual tenants and condo associations (whole structure)
 Greenhouse
 Hydroponic growing facilities
 Government Facilities – Dept. of Forestry, firehouse
 Schools
 Restoration companies
 Extended care facilities
 Oversite and report creation for your Phase I Environmental Site Assessments – Our team has overseen thousands of Phase I’s and created reports that have dealt with;
 Malls
 Multi-Urban Development (MUD)
 Railroad
 Schools and Daycare
 Land reclamation
 State and County purchases
 Hotels
 Manufacturing
 General commercial transaction (TSA’s)
 Update to original Phase I ESA reports
 Project Management in
 Phase I, II and III ESA’s
 Radon Mitigations for: EPA buildings, extended care facilities, schools
 Mold Remediation for: residential, commercial (including hotel, condo), industrial (including warehouses, manufacturing)
 OH&S and EH&S
 Network Referrals
 Member-to-member
 Client call to ECAN referred to member
 Jobsite / Client Support
 The ECAN team has a staff and board who are available to help answer questions if you are onsite
 ECAN’s EP’s, IH’s and CIH’s can help with lab report interpretations to the member before giving results to clients
 Business set-up/Management
 Assistance in business planning
 Bank/financing packages
 Marketing plans
 Business transition plans (how do I get out)
 Business valuations (benchmarks pricing buy/sell agreements) Certified reports for tax and litigation purposes
 Accounting
 Business start-up
 Chart-of-Account set-ups
 Financial statement creation
 Budgets
 Variance Analysis
 Tax preparation
 Tax representation
 Professional E & O Insurance Packages
 Inspection
 Remediation
 General Liability
 Inland Marine
 Combination Inspection/Remediation
 Phase I ESA