Radon Continuing Education Home Study Course – 16 CEUs


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This course is designed for those who are Certified in Radon who need 16 CEUs or 16 hr re-entry.

Approvals: AARST-NRPP# ECAN-902, CA, CT, IA, IN, KS, ME, NE, PA, VA, WV and other State that recognize AARST-NRPP
Time: Self-paced
Location: Distance

By joining our class, you will get refreshed in:

  • Radon Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Radon
  • Source of Radon
  • Health Risk
  • History
  • EPA Guides
  • National Radon Programs
  • Basic Radon Entry Facts
  • Mechanisms of Radon Entry
  • Indoor Radon Concentrations
  • Measurement Protocols
  • Sampling Methods
  • Device Locations
  • General Measurement Conditions
  • Measurement Factors
  • Radon Gas Monitors
  • Time Integrated Devices
  • Radon Grab Samples
  • Continuous Radon Monitors
  • Quality Assurance and Control
  • Radon Tables


When you purchase the course, you will receive via mail, all items you would receive in a live class plus more. At the successful completion of the course, you will get access to an online exam. When you complete the course, your certificate will be emailed within 1 business day.

For single use only.

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