Phase I ESA Technician / Report Writing Live Webinar 11/22-23/2021


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Phase I ESA Technician / Report Writing Live Webinar 11/22-23/2021

Time: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Are you performing commercial building inspections or have commercial properties that may have potential environmental concerns and need a report to release liability?

By taking our 16-hour Phase I Technician course you will learn how to gather all of the information that is required in creating an understandable Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Report to be given to an EPA recognized Environmental Professional (EP).  We will also give you the knowledge on what an EP is and how to outsource one if needed, where to attain all the documentation, explain the regulations of ASTM E1527-13, and explore how and where to market your new professional service. Our course is taught by instructors who have years of environmental experience and can answer your questions on the spot!

What is a webinar course and how does it compare to traditional live training:

A webinar is a live-taught internet-based training course that allows you to interact with the instructor as the course progresses. This is not a pre-recorded course so you will be able to get your questions answered when it matters. The webinar application will allow you to speak to our instructor by using a mic (headphones), application chat, computer audio, or calling the number provided by the application.

The instructor will not be able to see you and you will not be able to see any other student that is taking the course but you will be able to hear any questions being asked. Once you log in using the password and invitation, which is sent ahead of the course dates, your screen will split into two sections: the training room with the instructor and the PowerPoint presentation. It will feel like attending a live class but from the comfort of your own home or office.

Also, the presentation is recorded so the student can review it 7 days after the live presentation. We make sure you get the training you need to be successful not only in the classroom but also in the field.

Want to go to a classroom course…click here to see if we are close by.

Note: It is advised to have pen and paper to take notes and take practice quizzes. Documents and a digital textbook will be emailed to you ahead of class dates.

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