Online Certified Mold Assessor Specialist Training


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Certified Mold Assessor Specialist Online Training

Format: Online (At your pace)

About This Course

Our 24-hour Certified Mold Assessor Specialist course covers everything necessary to start your mold assessment business with the best field and business practices. Upon completion of this course, the mold assessor technician will have a complete understanding of mold history/species, how to identify the conditions that promote mold growth and water intrusion, how to collect samples using the different types of equipment covered, and how to generate a well-written Mold Protocol Report.

You will learn the steps to develop a concrete mold protocol that will consider all the factors that allow mold to grow in a home or commercial building. Using the equipment covered in this course you will then collect samples which will then be analyzed by a qualified laboratory to determine the types and amount of mold in a home or building. Based on what you assess in each site you will be able to develop a data-driven report that you will use to give your client a clear explanation for the mold growth.

Mold Protocol Writing

A Mold Remediation Protocol is typically written when items or areas have been identified containing an unacceptable amount or type of mold and a client requires an industry-recognized method of removal or cleaning instructions.

Before a Mold Remediation Protocol is written, a mold assessment is conducted by a qualified Mold Assessor (some States have licensure requirements). The information that is gathered, which includes but is not limited to; a site visit, client interviews, room drawings, temperature & Relative Humidity readings, cause & origin, and sampling (where applicable) is used in the report generation.

Online Format

This is an online course that allows you to stop and go as you please. You will gain access and will be able to begin as soon as you are registered. Your progress will be tracked and allow you to go back if you need to review specific areas of the course. This specialist course is divided into two sections: Mold Assessment and Mold Protocol Writing. To complete this online training and attain your certification you must complete each section quiz and pass our exam. Everyone has a different schedule and so we give you as long as you need to complete our course so that you can learn on your own time.

For single use only.

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