NRPP - AARST - Radon Measurement Exam (online after a live course only)


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After a live course is taught we proctor the 2-hour timed AARST-NRPP national exam.

Requirements: Laptop, tablet, or iPad.


This exam is opened to anyone who is looking for a PSI location to take the exam. We will proctor the exam after every initial radon course so if you purchase this through us you will need to take it at the end of  the second day of the Live Radon Measurement Technician Course. If you wish to take it another time or cannot stay for the exam we advice you go to NRPP and request to take the national exam through their new proctor system adapted to allow students to take it from home at their own convenience. If you wish to know more about Examity and NRPP click here.

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