Live Septic System Inspection Course - Willliamsport, PA 04/16/2020


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Live Septic System Inspection Course

Are you performing building inspections where the client needs to understand the septic system? Our 3-hour Septic inspection and Dye Testing course can help inspectors offer this service. We will provide you the knowledge on how to assess the plumbing drain systems, what a septic field is, different types of septic systems, general requirements, and how to perform septic dye testing.

This course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you will need to inspect septic systems and their components, ability to perform loading and dye test and the knowledge of acceptable standards and sizes of various forms of septic tanks therefore, providing you a better opportunity to inform your clients about these different systems and the procedures used for inspection.

After completing this course, you should be able to identify the different areas of a septic system, how each works, and how each one may fail.  You should have the knowledge of appropriate sizes of septic systems, the distance a septic system should be from a building, and also the best type of septic system to use for a certain area.

It is important to understand that some states require inspectors to have specific certifications and specific regulations when performing septic system inspections.  Make sure to check with your local state health department or local EPA for state specific guidelines before starting an inspection.

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