High Volume Rotary Vane Pump


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ECAN high volume rotary vane pumps are an economical alternative to the Gast brand rotary vane pumps. The workhorses are heavy duty with a 1/10 hp motor that can be used for most all sampling applications. It can be used with PCM, TEM, Air-O-Cell and all viable impactors (e.g. Andersen style impactor).

New – Now with internal filter/muffler. No more glass muffler jars!


Flow Rates:

PCM Cassette – 3-15 LPM
TEM Cassette – 3-10 LPM
Air-O-Cell – 3-30 LPM
Viable Impactor – 3-30 LPM

Each ZHV00 Rotary Vane Pump comes competes with flow control valve and tub


Shipping and Handling included in purchase price.

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