ECAN - A-6 Bioaerosol Impactor


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The ECAN  A6 is a single stage bio-aerosol impaction sampler for the viable sampling of mold and fungi. An exact replica of the popular Andersen N-6 single stage sampler, this sampler is an aluminum device consisting of a top inlet “cone”, a sampling head impacter stage which contains over 400 precision drilled holes and a base section which holds the agar media. The sampler is held together by three spring clamps and sealed with two o-ring gaskets. When air is drawn through the sampler, multiple jets of air direct any airborne particles toward the surface of the agar collection surface. Each ECAN A6 sampler undergoes stringent quality control standards by 2 independent firms. Performance tests indicate that there is no statistical difference between the Andersen N6 sampler and the ECAN A6. Features:

  • Proven technology for viable sampling
  • Identical to other single stage samplers, but for less cost
  • Uses standard petri dishes
  • Meets NIOSH Method 0800 and 0801 requirements


  • Required Flow Rate: 28.3 LPM (1 ACFM)
  • Particle Size Cut Point: .65 µm
  • Sampler Size: 4.25″ diameter; 2.87″ height; Weight 1.23 lbs
  • Material: Aircraft grade Aluminum

Required Equipment:

  • ECAN A6 Sampler
  • Pump capable of pulling up to 28.3 LPM
  • Pump rotameter calibrator
  • Tubing
  • Agar Sampling Media (supplied by laboratory)

Shipping and handling included in purchase price.

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