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What is abatement?

Abatement is the correction of the safety or health hazard/violation that led to an OSHA citation.

[Bullet Image - Box] Does this regulation apply to me?

This regulation applies to you only if you have received a citation from OSHA during an inspection. (Procedures in States with OSHA-approved State Plans may differ. See pages 11, 12, and 25.)

[Bullet Image - Box] What do I have to do?

[Bullet Image - Box] Fix the hazard.

[Bullet Image - Box] Certify that you’ve fixed the hazard.

[Bullet Image - Box] Notify your employees and their representatives that you have fixed the hazard.

[Bullet Image - Box] Send document(s) to OSHA saying that you have abated the hazard.

[Bullet Image - Box] Tag any cited movable equipment with a warning tag or a copy of the citation.

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